Caroline Downey of National Review Online reports a warning from U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to the Biden administration.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday threatened an impeachment inquiry as early as next month if the Biden administration doesn’t submit documents that he says were requested by the GOP.

“The thing that holds up whether we do impeachment inquiry, provide us the documents we’re asking,” McCarthy told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. “The whole determination here is how the Bidens handled this.”

“If they provide us the documents, there wouldn’t be a need for impeachment inquiry. But if they withhold the documents and fight like they have now to not provide to the American public what they deserve to know, we will move forward with impeachment inquiry when we come back into session,” he said.

The Republican leader’s comments suggest an impeachment investigation could be imminent depending on the Biden administration’s cooperation. McCarthy noted that the records the House is seeking deal with the flow of money, likely pertaining to the Biden family’s alleged overseas business corruption.

“If they hold that up, we would have to move to an impeachment inquiry,” McCarthy said. “Which you know, Larry, gives the apex of power to Congress when it comes to our subpoena power and others to get the documents we need. The bank statements, the credit-card statements, and others. Show us where the money went, show us were you taking money from outside sources? And that would clear most of this up, but they seem to fight it every step of the way.”

In the interview, McCarthy alluded to allegations that Biden was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business ventures. Republicans are also keeping the pressure on the Hunter Biden tax-evasion case. Under the terms of an initial plea deal that later collapsed, Hunter was to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations and submit to a pre-trial diversion agreement to avoid a felony gun charge in exchange for broad immunity from future charges.