UNCA is going to start letting high school kids take university courses. I’m speechless, because, well, a bachelor’s degree in math wasn’t enough to allow some of my employers to let me do fractions, add or subtract, or even carry ones without training and supervision. People graduating universities may also be reading and writing below the sixth-grade level, whatever that is. (Consider my writing.) All kinds of self-made geniuses drop out of academia because they can’t stand all the kissing up and regurgitation of half-truth oversimplifications. Then, some very sharp and talented people get impressive degrees. Of them, some unknown fraction can convince others to listen to them when they know something. In other words, I have no words.

Oh, and did you hear the public schools publishing their grades today? I think it means whoever orchestrated the evaluation wants public buy-in for throwing money at schools. The grades ride the coattails of Governor Pat’s announcement about wanting to increase the state’s debt to engage said throwing. Then again, some good could come of this.