Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports on the latest pronouncement from a former Trump chief of staff with strong N.C. political ties.

Former President Donald Trump wants his political team to start preparing for a 2024 run to win a second term “denied him,” according to former staff chief and current top adviser Mark Meadows.

In his new book out today, The Chief’s Chief, Meadows said that Trump’s call came after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which the former president blamed on his successor, President Joe Biden, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

“During our conversation, President Trump said the words that I had been waiting to hear for seven months. ‘We have to be ready,’ he said. ‘We have to do it again for the sake of our great country,’” wrote Meadows in the book that was provided to Secrets.

He added, “Clearly, the time for ‘hanging around’ was over. When President Trump said we had to ‘do it again,’ he was not simply stating some abstract idea. The message was clear: We had to prepare for the second term that had been denied him. We needed four more years. That’s four more years to reverse the damage that Biden had managed to inflict on our country in just seven short months; four more years to truly drain the swamp; four more years to remind America that our country is truly great, no matter what anyone on the left has to say about it.”

Meadows and other former Trump aides have been signaling another White House bid for months, and Trump has also been teasing it.The expectations are that if Trump decides to jump in, he will do it after the 2022 midterm congressional elections. He is already heavily involved in those campaigns with endorsements and fundraising.