Charlotte Observer reports Mecklenburg County commissioners voted 7-2 Tuesday to put a sales tax referendum on the Nov. 5 ballot. If approved, the quarter-cent hike would raise the county’s sales tax to 7.50 percent.

The expected $50 million per year would go toward “arts and parks.” But voter beware:

The act will be on the fall ballot with language only identifying it as a sales tax increase. The county would not be bound to spend the funds in the agreed-upon distribution.

Commissioners also voted to allocate 45% of the money, or $22.5 million, to the Arts and Science Council, which supports museums, educational programs and arts organizations with private donations and local tax dollars.

Another $17 million would go to parks and greenways; $8 million to education; and $2.5 million to arts and culture projects and parks in the county’s small towns.

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