Letter to the editor from Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham on the proposed quarter-cent sales tax hike to benefit arts and parks that will be on the ballot next month:

In the interest of truth and transparency, I would appreciate it if supporters of the quarter-cent tax would stop saying the tax “would not be applied to purchase of groceries, medicine and gas.”

Prescriptions and gasoline have never been subject to state or local tax. Prepared food already is taxed at a higher rate and would increase with the quarter-cent tax. Non-food items, like paper towels and aluminum foil, also would be subject to the increase. Over-the-counter medications, candy, feminine products, and dietary supplements would be subject to the higher tax rate at any grocery store or retailer.

Voters deserve the facts.

Pat Cotham, Charlotte

Meanwhile, Charlotte resident Dale Saville says arts groups “must deal with declining donations without imposing its financial crisis on the public.”