At Wednesday’s meeting, the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners voted to increase their oversight of a potential $22.5 million in sales tax funds that would be designated for “arts and culture groups.” The funds would be raised through a quarter-cent sales tax hike on the November ballot:

Mecklenburg County commissioners voted Wednesday to increase government oversight of the Arts & Science Council if voters approve a quarter-cent sales tax in November to fund the arts, greenways and education.

Commissioners voted 7-2 on a new framework that would put multiple county commissioners and city council members on the ASC board, although they did not specify how many. In addition, county commissioners and city council members would each put an equal number of their appointees on the board.

Other ASC board members would be comprised of representatives from towns in the county as well as members of the private sector.

Commissioner Trevor Fuller, when explaining his vote in favor of the proposal, said “I am not OK with collecting $25 million from the people of this county and giving it to an un-elected board.” What a concept. And–this is important–the Observer notes the Charlotte City Council “has not yet weighed in on the county’s plans.”