From a Charlotte Observer editorial:

In his first election, in May 2012, Democrat Trevor Fuller finished third. In his next, in November 2012, he finished third. In his next, in May 2014, he finished third. In his next, on Tuesday, he finished third.

Now he believes he deserves to be chairman of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, despite voters overwhelmingly backing fellow Democrat Pat Cotham.

That shows chutzpah, and a complete disrespect for the citizenry.

Well yes, but chutzpah seems to be something Fuller is especially good at. He was, after all, the BOCC chair that helped push through the ill-fated and very ill conceived referendum to raise the county’s sales tax. And before that, when ousting Cotham as chair a year ago, he gave us this memorable quote:

“It is imperative that we huddle together and chart a new way forward,” Fuller said. “… There is an expectation across North Carolina that Mecklenburg County is going to lead the way. We need to reclaim that place, because there is a sense across the state that we have faltered.”