It was a beautiful morning yesterday, and I got out on my bike to take a little spin. I saw more than a few people know; some I just buzzed right by with a quick wave; I stopped for a quick chat with another couple, making sure to keep my six-foot distance. I actually was pleased by the number of people out and about, and it never appeared to me anyone was violating the social distancing compact.

Apparently not so much in Charlotte, where Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris is slamming the lack of social distancing on the part of Queen City residents:

“Yesterday, our parks were packed with people. Social distancing was not even an option,” Harris said at Sunday’s press conference. “These are presenting situations where we will see individuals exposed in ways that are against our stay-at-home order.”

Under Mecklenburg’s stay-at-home order, residents are “allowed to go out and exercise, but we have emphasized that people need to be six feet apart. Social-distancing is critical in this situation, and the parks — there were way more people than — you couldn’t social-distance even if you wanted to,” Harris said.

…“We recognize the fact that the weather is incredible and that everyone wants to be outside,” Harris said. “There are still a lot of people who are not taking it seriously. We need everyone, everyone to be part of the solution.”

County Manager Dena Diorio told the Charlotte Observer the county was “in the process of obtaining signs to put out by the playgrounds, but we also have park rangers who have been deployed to all of our parks and are dispersing crowds that are using our playgrounds.”

Update: Burke County taking steps to enforce social distancing. Is shooting hoops by yourself—which I often do—-dangerous?