Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon highlights the worst media coverage of this week’s terrible shooting in Nashville.

What happened: The mainstream media reacted in typical fashion to the anti-Christian school shooting in Nashville earlier this week, proceeding to lose their minds when police revealed that the murderous psychopath who killed six people, including three children, identified as transgender. …

1) Conservatives seize! 

From NBC News: “In the hours after the shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville on Monday, some conservatives rushed to blame the massacre on the suspect’s gender identity, connecting the tragedy to their national crusade against transgender rights.”

One of the examples cited was a (factually accurate) New York Post headline: “Transgender killer targets Christian school.”

2) “More blood’s going to be shed” 

NBC News published another story headlined, “Fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity,” which implied that Nashville police had caused trans people to “fear for their safety” by disclosing the suspect’s gender identity.

The outlet interviewed a trans activist who said the state’s LGBTQ community was “terrified” and offered a chilling prediction: “More blood’s going to be shed, and it’s not going to be shed in a school.”

3) GOP “bullying” to blame 

Left-wing journalist Cenk Uygur said the shooting was the result of “right-wing” bullying. The fact that the killer was transgender, he argued, was proof that conservatives shouldn’t “bully people for who they are.”

4) “Republicans are complicit in these murders”

Nation columnist and MSNBC talking head Elie Mystal blamed the shooting on “the party of literal death” and “everybody who votes for them.”

5) Republicans caused the massacre by banning drag shows for children

Several news outlets attempted to draw a connection between the murderous rampage and the Tennessee government’s ban on drag shows “in public or near children.”