Matt Vespa writes at about the disappointing media response to the recently released Durham report.

The Durham report explicitly said there was no evidence of Russian collusion, though the FBI went ahead on a bogus investigation regardless. Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok is central in signing off on this clown show. The kernels behind this hoax predate the release of the findings by Special Counsel John Durham. The Horowitz report released five years, which the liberal media erroneously said exonerated the FBI of political bias during the 2016 election, provided a preview of the antics within the J. Edgar Hoover Building. As Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel aptly noted, Horowitz was careful with the language regarding bias. That’s not the same thing as declaring there was none.

In 2020, Former FBI intelligence agents also examined the evidence Strzok used to greenlight Crossfire Hurricane, the spy operation against the Trump campaign. They were aghast that the bureau had nothing warranting such an operation. It violated all aspects of department policy regarding investigations of this nature. We knew about the illegal spy warrants, and now the latest development is that the bureau nixed four criminal investigations against the Clintons before the 2016 election. Political bias was one of the primary motivators in driving the FBI down a rabbit hole of disinformation and election interference. 

And yet, major networks, like ABC and NBC, continue to defend the agency because they hate Trump. That can only explain the logic of admitting there was no evidence of Russian collusion but declaring that the FBI’s investigation was still warranted. …

… Aren’t these the folks who warned that democracy dies in darkness? They claim to believe that but will happily bury or defend government actions that chill a functioning liberal democracy. The FBI and intelligence community, with the help of the media and the Democratic Party, cooked up a conspiracy theory for a federal law enforcement agency to obtain spy warrants against a presidential candidate with whom they disagreed or had personal animus.