Brian Joondeph writes for the American Thinker about the post-COVID-19 reopening of economies in Georgia and Colorado.

This is a tale, not of two cities, but of two states, and two governors. Both states began reopening their economies last week as the worst of the Chinese flu appears to be over, except for a few isolated hotspots. Both states are reopening in a similar fashion, taking baby steps rather than a full gallop.

One state is Georgia, the other is Colorado. …

… Both approaches are comparable and reasonable. No businesses are being forced to reopen and customers can choose to stay home and not patronize any of the reopened establishments. Which many people will likely do.

Media reaction was anything but comparable or reasonable. …

… [T]he media attacked only one of the two governors. Even President Trump, under pressure from the basketball player and scarf-queen, denounced Kemp’s decision to reopen Georgia, or at least certain aspects of the reopening. Was it the nail salons or bowling alleys reopening that upset the task force?

Colorado also reopened nail salons. There was no mention of bowling, which may be more popular in Georgia than Colorado, but Colorado allows “personal training services for fewer than 4 people”, not much different than bowling in terms of touching or sharing equipment. Trump and the task force only criticized Georgia, and not Colorado.

Why the difference? Two reasons – politics and intersectionality.

Starting with politics, Governor Kemp is a Republican. And if you listen to Democrats and the media, he is an illegitimate governor. … Governor Polis is also a Democrat. Big media never criticizes Democrats. Ask Biden or Obama. And Polis is not only a Democrat, which leads to the second explanation.

Intersectionality is a new word among woke progressives, referring to all the “isms”, multiple forms of discrimination intersecting within the victim classes so favored by the left.

Kemp is heterosexual, Polis is gay. …

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