Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner highlights members of the mainstream media who admit they want to hold Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to a different standard than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Several media figures are actively lobbying their peers to challenge Donald Trump more aggressively when interviewing him or his surrogates, or even block Trump’s campaign from gaining access to the press in some cases.

Trump’s campaign has benefited from billions of dollars worth of earned media, and has put him in a position where he doesn’t have to run campaign ads as much, and yet still competes. However, more and more media figures are mounting an effort to end Trump’s free ride.

On Sunday, Jorge Ramos, anchor for the Spanish-language Univision, became the latest news figure to urge other journalists to take a more active approach on covering the Republican nominee. Ramos indicated that more reporters need to act the way he did last year, by challenging Trump loudly and aggressively.

“And I think in this case, neutrality is really not an option,” Ramos said on CNN. “I think we have to take a stand, and in this case, Donald Trump is a unique figure in American politics. We haven’t seen this in decades, since probability Senator Joe McCarthy.” …

… But Ramos isn’t alone. Last week, liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow argued on CNN that a Trump supporter who had joined him for the segment should not have been booked to appear at all.

After Paris Dennard, a GOP former White House staffer, said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is attempting to suppress white voter turnout by accusing of Trump of racism, Blow said that his appearance on the show “is why people have a problem with us in the media.”

“To let somebody like this come on and say what Hillary Clinton is doing is suppressing the white vote by pointing out what Donald Trump has said in his life, that’s just patently false, ridiculous. … I’m not letting that slide,” he said. “This guy should not be allowed to come on television and say something like that.”