Derek Hunter explains at why it’s good for Elizabeth Warren to be a Democrat when dealing with media scrutiny.

Imagine a world free of consequences. More than that, a world where your bad acts are largely ignored and where those that aren’t are absolved, where excuses are created and lies are told by others on your behalf. This is how so-called journalists treat their fellow Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren straight-up lied about being a Native American. She did it to get jobs, high-paying jobs. When someone finally got around to noticing that she’s so white her camouflage in a snowstorm is nudity, her story fell apart. But it didn’t matter. The media made sure to protect her, downplaying her 1/1024th rounding error percentage of possible Native American DNA. …

… [W]hy lie? That’s easy.

The Democratic Party’s nominating process has devolved into the “Woke Olympics,” and no position on the left is more coveted than that of victim. It doesn’t matter of what. This rich white lady with a history of sweet, high-paying gigs needed to find some way to claim her “victim cred” with voters. So she made it up.

When the curtain was pulled back, the Democratic press snapped into action. Alleged “news” stories were written about how those mean conservatives accused Warren of lying, but women were fired all the time 50 years ago for being pregnant. There’s a major disconnect there – that something happened with regularity in the past does not mean it happened to Warren. The evidence in the Warren case, including her own words, strongly suggests it did not happen to her.