Winston-Salem Journal interviews Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldon Wos, who was in W-S “as part of a statewide goodwill and fact-finding tour.”

Long article by Richard Craver —here’s the highlight:

Wos asked with an incredulous tone – both during the oversight committee hearing and Thursday’s interview – how could DHHS be allowed to go more than 40 years without a fundamental restructuring to reflect changes made in the health care industry.

“How can going that long pass anyone’s common sense test?” Wos asked. She said DHHS has had too many silos in which people were not talking directly to each other to resolve problems.

Wos said a key element of building DHHS’ foundation is “getting new skills in finance, economists and actuaries, that are absolutely critical to our organization.”

“If I am allowed to continue on this path, I guarantee you we will have that foundation. The rest of the process is building upon that foundation with standards, with flexibility built in.”

“We’re not too far away. Soon.”

Wos has indeed been a political target, but —- a huge turnover in the November election notwithstanding — she continues to have Gov. Pat McCrory’s support and “and likely will get the chance to see through the DHHS restructuring.”