Former Reagan administration Attorney General Ed Meese is no fan of the Obama administration’s devotion to the rule of law, as he explains in the interview below with Genevieve Wood for the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal.

Of special note to North Carolinians is the following excerpt on a topic John Hood addressed last fall:

Wood: Is Eric Holder doing his job? Is the Justice Department doing its job in making the sure the Constitution is upheld and protected?

Meese: Just looking at the department as a whole, I think it is very unfortunate some of the things that have happened, some of the positions that have been taken, which really do violate the Constitution. For example, suing jurisdictions who have tried to prevent voter fraud by having statutes — upheld by the Supreme Court, by the way — which require voter identification, the same kind of identification you need to get on an airplane or cash a check or for most things in business or any place else. Those are the kinds of things that make it very serious in terms of what the department is doing at the present time and whether they are, in fact, upholding that portion of the Constitution.