Exactly three years ago, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were still vying for the Presidency, legal scholar Michael Greve made a prediction. “[I]t’s quite likely,” he said, “That the next President … will be impeached.” He went on to list several reasons why impeachment was likely, including:

[B]oth presidential contenders, throughout their careers and this mercifully-soon-over campaign, have displayed an aggressive contempt for the Constitution, from the Preamble to Article XII. The faithful execution of the laws isn’t high on their respective bucket lists. Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors? Persona ipsa, etc. ?

Both contenders have made it clear that they will not divorce themselves from their private business enterprises (and would you believe them if they said otherwise?). We won’t know where the White House ends and the Foundation or Enterprise begins. Impeachment is a good way to find out.