Former first lady Michelle Obama’s junket to promote her book “Becoming” is not coming to North Carolina. Looks like the closest venue is the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. I’ll count this as a positive, because then I will not be tempted (not that I would anyway) to spend hundreds of dollars for a seat.

That said, I was surprised when a liberal Facebook friend shared the Nov. 17 D.C. date. The comments beneath the post were interesting:

“$850 per ticket at the lowest cost is insane. Nobody is worth paying that much to see. I could pay rent for that much which is more meaningful.”

“Minimum $850 tickets!!! Really!?!?”

“Would love the see/hear her but tickets too steep for me!”

You get the idea. That’s the Obamas for you—running around the country telling everyone how Republicans are screwing the working man/woman while they’re raking it in hand over fist.