Linda Daves, vice president of the North Carolina Republican Party, was speaking in Union County the other day and made some interesting points about the strong GOP trend in the counties neighboring big cities such as Charlotte and the need for grassroots organization in this new/old political age.

But then Daves changed the subject:

Daves also looked ahead to the 2006 election and the effort needed to win N.C. House and Senate seats, as well as U.S. House seats. She also took a shot at Democrat Beth Troutman’s bid to unseat Robin Hayes in the U.S. House race.

“We are so grateful not to have a Barbie doll in the U.S. House,” she said. “It shows we don’t buy into the liberal Hollywood elitist mentality.”

I?m not saying I would have favored Troutman over Hayes, had I been in the 8th District, but judging by the overall quality and proclivities of members of Congress, I?ve got to admit that the prospect of an inanimate object occupying one or more chairs in the chamber seems quite attractive.

Actually, on second thought, it seems quite familiar.