But North Carolina’s legal establishment has finally signaled that enough is enough. With the State Bar complaint filed against Nifong, and not just filed made public when it could have been sealed, the judicial system at-large is telling Judge Osmond Smith that he will have support should he opt to either remove Nifong from the case or dismiss the charges against the Duke players outright.

Of course the latter option is the correct choice. It is hard to see where the state of North Carolina could find another prosecutor to take the case. Both AG Roy Cooper and Gov. Mike Whatshisname are going to run away from this mess as fast as they can. They will not be seen so much as replacing Nifong as they will be seen as enabling the prosecution of a bogus case to go forward.

Durham-in-Wonderland, as ever, has much more on the complaint.

Update: FEC records show State Bar chief counsel Katherine Jean, who will be responsible for making the case against Nifong before the Bar, gave $250 to Edwards for President in February 2003.