Courtesy of The College Fix, take a look at the University of Colorado-Denver’s new IT policy, which is saturated with overly broad and politically correct language guaranteed to ensnare just about anyone. Or, as the author puts it:

Even by the standards of college speech codes, the University of Colorado-Denver has a mind-numbingly stupid and blatantly unconstitutional policy on email you’re allowed to send through the campus IT system.

Here’s a taste of what constitutes a violation:

e. To send any disruptive, offensive, unethical, illegal or otherwise inappropriate matter, including offensive comments about race, gender, color, disability, age, sexual orientation, pornography, terrorism, religious beliefs and practice, political beliefs or national origin, hyperlinks or other references to indecent or patently offensive websites and similar materials, jokes, chain letters and hoaxes, charity requests, viruses or malicious software.

f. For any other illegal, unethical, or unauthorized purpose.

Check out item “e” one more time. I’d love to know what qualifies as “offensive comments” about terrorism. I’d like to see the university provide specific examples. By the way, this university is funded by taxpayers. This is so egregious that it’s earned the university ‘honors’ as FIRE’s Speech Code of the Month.