Lots to keep up with here in the Winston-Salem Journal’s report on the case of Billy Roger Bailey, the driver who hit and killed 11-year-old Hasani Wesley as he was heading to his stopped school bus.

Bottom line is WSFCS conducted its own investigation into the accident and shared information —including the “questionable driving record of Stephanie Fulton, the driver of the school bus that was picking up Hasani the day he was struck; and the expert witnesses for both sides agreeing about the estimated length of time that the bus was stopped with its yellow lights flashing.” In addition, WFCS transportation director Rhonda Fleming also lost her job because of her”overzealous” investigation onto the matter.

In spite of the mistrial, Bailey pled guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and received a 30-day active jail sentence, with the judge suspending the rest and placing him on supervised probation for 30 months. Evidently Bailey, a minister, has suffers incredible guilt over his role in the death of an 11- year-old boy and believes he should his pay his debt to society. Otherwise, a new trial would have introduced enough reasonable doubt among another jury, and Bailey could have gotten off scot free.