The group Classical Liberals in the Carolinas named the John Locke Foundation’s Mitch Kokai to its board of directors on August 9. CLC made the announcement in Winston-Salem during a meeting connected with the group’s annual conference.

The three-day conference’s theme was “The Future of Jobs: Obstacles and Opportunities in the Carolinas.” JLF’s Jon Guze, director of legal studies; Jon Sanders, director of regulatory studies; and Roy Cordato, senior economist emeritus, participated in a panel discussion on occupational licensing.

The purpose of CLC (  is to foster greater cooperation and formal connections among academic scholars, policy analysts, business professionals, and foundations, as well as to nurture public clusters of interaction involving classical liberal thought in the Carolinas.

“I’m thrilled to join the board of a group working to promote and sustain the principles that have contributed to freer, more prosperous communities here in North Carolina and South Carolina,” said Kokai, JLF’s senior political analyst.