On Monday the new Wake County commissioners take office. Republicans will take control of the body and they’re wasting no time taking actions the Democratic members will oppose — correcting mistakes made by the previous majority, as chairman Tony Gurley puts it in this News & Observer story. Among them:

The full agenda for the meeting Monday had not been released late Thursday, but Gurley said it would include resolutions to:

Disallow insurance funding for elective abortions for county employees, who could still receive coverage for abortions in cases or rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother. The previous Democratic majority voted this year to allow the funding of elective abortions.

Strip from the board’s legislative agenda a provision in favor of allowing public employees to engage in collective bargaining.

Request the school board to follow a method of spending oversight called “purpose and function,” under which the school system would receive its budget in 16 categories instead of in one large chunk.

“If any category differs by more than 15 percent they have to tell us,” Gurley said.