Joe Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon details left-of-center preparations for 2020 election campaigns.

A secretive group of top liberal donors has budgeted $275 million to be injected into progressive infrastructure leading up to the 2020 elections, confidential documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

The Democracy Alliance, which has been pivotal in helping bankroll left-wing causes and organizations since its founding in 2005, held its annual Spring conference at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, last week. Members and liberal groups mapped out their goals of expanding and strengthening the progressive political base, building and supporting progressive governance at every level, and restoring and expanding structural power.

The gatherings, which typically feature prominent Democratic politicians, are not publicly announced in advance, feature tight security, and are billed as a “safe place for its progressive funders.” Members of the alliance, who are called “partners,” are prohibited from talking to media, told to “refrain from leaving sensitive materials in public spaces,” and to dispose of unwanted materials in “specially-identified recycling bins.” …

… Gara LaMarche, who was previously the vice president and director of U.S. Programs at George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, leads the Alliance, which counts Soros as a member and consists of more than 100 millionaire and billionaire donors who each pledge at least $200,000 annually to organizations that are recommended by the club. Its full list of members is unknown due to the group’s secrecy.

According to confidential documents distributed to its members in Austin, the Democracy Alliance’s partners have infused $1.83 billion into the left since its inception.