Eric Owens of the Daily Caller reports on a recent re-examination of one of the Progressive movement’s key figures.

A second private university in New Jersey has announced that it will continue to honor Woodrow Wilson by keeping Wilson’s name emblazoned on the main administration building.

The school, Monmouth University, made the announcement to keep “Woodrow Wilson Hall” on Friday.

In retaining the name of America’s 28th president — a model progressive, a Democrat and a world-class racist scumbag — school officials admitted that Wilson definitely possessed a mixed bag of qualities.

“The decision comes after months of discussion, examination, and collection of feedback from faculty, students, and alumni, on the cusp of the 100th anniversary of Wilson’s residence in West Long Branch in the summer of 1916,” Monmouth officials said in a press release.

Wilson, who graduated from Princeton University and served as its president before becoming president of the United States, is commonly considered a pivotal figure in the rise of progressivism. During his administration, the Federal Reserve was created, antitrust laws were strengthened and the power of the American central government was increased substantially.

On the international stage, Wilson was an idealist who led America into World War I and founded the League of Nations, a failed precursor to the United Nations. Just like President Barack Obama, Wilson was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. (RELATED: Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Obama Has Been At War LONGER THAN ANY OTHER U.S. President)

But Wilson was also a southerner who shared the racial views of many other progressives in the early 20th century. He supported segregation and greatly increased its use in the federal government which has muddled his legacy for modern-day progressives.

The Democrat was such a racist that AlterNet, the activist-progressive news outlet, labeled him as America’s most racist modern president.