Monmouth University’s new poll of U.S. adults is bad news for President Biden’s job approval.

His job approval is not only down, he’s now underwater. Disapproval is up. Also note that folks have had about five months to watch the president in action, and the group with “no opinion” is a lot smaller when comparing January to June. Minds are being made up. He’s made his first impression.

Here’s what the May Civitas Poll of likely 2022 North Carolina voters found. Note that even a sizable chunk of Democrats are concerned about this administration.

Worry over President Biden’s agenda is palpable in North Carolina and includes a sizable percentage of the president’s fellow Democrats. Nearly six of 10 North Carolina voters likely to cast a ballot in 2022 are concerned the Biden administration will do too much to increase the size and role of government, according to a new Civitas Poll. That includes 27% of Democrats, 56% of unaffiliated voters, and 97% of Republicans. Nearly half – 49% – are very concerned. Twenty-five percent are not concerned at all. A razor-thin 2% are unsure.

That’s just the beginning of the president’s troubles.

Nervousness crosses age lines as well. More than half of every demographic over the age of 35 expresses concern about how big and imposing government could become during a Biden presidency. The older the voter, the greater the apprehension. Among those 35 to 49, 57% are uneasy. The number jumps to 64% among those 50 to 64, topping out at 67% among those 65 and older. Even 33% of 18-to-34-year-olds are concerned.

A majority of North Carolina voters also believe the country is on the wrong track – 55% – according to poll results. Only 39% believe the United States is headed in the right direction. That’s a 16-point gulf, one that has widened since the spring Civitas Poll. In March, 52% selected wrong track and 42% selected right direction.

Despite the worrisome data, opinion is evenly split on President Biden’s overall job performance: 48% approve while 49% disapprove. Strong disapproval sits at 45%. Strong approval is 12 points lower, at 33%.