Kudos to Moore County School Board Chairman Robert Levy. At this week’s school board meeting, Levy introduced a Parents’ Bill of Rights policy and referred it to the board’s policy committee. 

The policy (listed below) is modeled on recent Virginia legislation and also on Senate Bill 755, which passed the senate last year but stalled in the House. 

Parental Rights legislation has emerged as a commonsense and effective way for parents to secure their rights and are able to direct their child’s education.  Future Ed, an education think tank affiliated with Georgetown University, has identified 84 bills in 26 states that have been drafted to help secure parental rights.

While parental rights legislation requires legislative approval, a far easier route is to have school boards adopt policies which incorporate the same principles.

Hats off to Moore County for taking the lead on this important issue.  We look forward to hearing about more school boards who wish to do the same!