Another report about our Polk County heroes has been published. Of 64 people that spoke at the public hearing for the proposed UDO, 52 opposed it, and, contrary to other reports, the remainder “either spoke in favor or made neutral comments.” The latest article covers the comments of the commissioners.

Cindy Walker supported the document because she didn’t want to see any more bad development in the county. She also said she was excited, which is today’s political code word for “supporting a bad idea without cause.”

Ted Owens was against because he was elected to represent the people, and they didn’t seem too happy with the idea.

Tom Pack said the steep slope requirements priced newcomers out of the community. Then, if the doors are shut, those already inside will get stuck with all the new planning bills. Also, though Section 4.1.1 was altered to require the administrator to obtain a proper search warrant before breaking and entering, Section 1.8.3 apparently reserved the unmitigated powers for her.

Ray Gasperson didn’t want to trash the document because hundreds of hours had been spent by a diverse population bringing it to fruition. The same can be said of smoking pot.

Renee McDermott said, regardless of what the document says, the state and federal constitutions protect citizens against “improper” searches and seizures. I still have seizures when I recall my first encounter with a TSA agent. McDermott then did a straw-man routine, reasoning that the inapplicability of arguments against other things made the document a good thing. McDermott, however, initiated the removal of the evil 4.1.1, which her peers saw through to completion.