In a troubling trend, a person who disagrees with the views of another person wants that person to be penalized, or, in the current example, hurt financially. Rather than choosing to exercise his right to simply not eat at Chick-fil-A, NC State grad student Jose Chavira wants to ban the food company from NC State.

An N.C. State graduate student is demanding that Chick-fil-A be banned from campus after their leader made controversial remarks about gay marriage.

Jose Chavira started an online petition Friday and has gathered a couple hundred signatures. It seeks to get the university to remove the restaurant from the Atrium food court on campus.

One wonders if this outraged student would also advocate cutting ties with the pro-traditional marriage taxpayers who help pay for his education at NC State. If he is so offended by those who support traditional marriage, he should reject taxpayer-funded facilities and benefits  that are funded by these taxpayers. By the way, it is Mr. Chavira who is out of step with North Carolinians, who voted overwhelmingly in May — 61% to 39% — to define marriage as between one man and one woman in the North Carolina constitution.

To be clear, I advocate neither of the above. I do not seek to punish or silence people who disagree with me. Nor do I believe Mr. Chavira should be silenced or punished for his pro-gay marriage views. I simply am tired of the Left seeking to shut down and/or penalize people with other views.