Hey, since it has evidently fallen to us to do this crap, some rather obvious things the public remains in the dark about:

  • Does Marcus Jackson have a college degree? News reports have mentioned Jackson’s time as a UNCC student. Not trying to be cute here. This goes to the matter of what CMPD knew about Jackson at the time of his hiring.
  • Was Jackson suspended in September by CMPD? If so, for what? WSOC has now modified its initial reporting on the incident to the point where it is unclear what exactly might have happened.
  • What was the length of any September suspension? Was the suspension reduced in any way by CMPD, and if so, by whom?
  • Was there a second suspension in November? If so, for what? How long was that suspension? Did anyone at CMPD at that time believe that Officer Jackson should be fired from CMPD? If so, who?

Finally, it has been pointed out to me by folks even more conspiracy-minded than me — they do exist — that we are taking on faith CMPD’s assertion that the department did not know about the 2005 restraining order placed on Jackson when CMPD hired him in September 2008. I am conflicted about even bringing this up as it violates one of my core principles, which is that incompetence and stupidity explain more of what goes on, and goes wrong, in this world than cunning and guile do.

But such is the current level of trust in CMPD that these kinds of ideas can gain traction.