Duke President Richard Brodhead apologizes, sorta. Sorry. Too little, too late. He points out all the things that “Duke” did wrong, but it was really him. He’s the place where the buck stops.

The truth is that Brodhead’s head was in the same fetid place the potbangers’ heads were in and he bought the race-class-gender crapola hook, line and sinker. Now he’s trying to redeem his reputation, and Duke’s.

Somehow, I don’t think the Finnerty, Seligmann and Evans families really care what Richard Brodhead says at this point. I know I don’t.

I HAD ALMOST FORGOTTEN: Last April, when asked by New York Newsday if Duke would apologize if the players were shown to be innocent, Duke VP John Burness responded, “For what?” (The article is no longer available on the Newsday Web site.) I guess somebody had some second thoughts.