More corporate welfare is in the offing for companies calling North Carolina home.

Back in November, a couple of companies announced expansion and relocation plans that drew the attention of grant-makers.

Teleflex Inc. announced plans to create 75 new jobs by relocating its existing operations from Research Triangle Park to a new facility in Morrisville. If the company lives up to its end of the deal, it would get a grant of $200,000 from the One North Carolina Fund. In other words, it will get a couple hundred grand from the state’s taxpayers.

That comes out to $2,667 per job.

Teleflex is a global provider of medical technology products. According to a press release from Gov. Pat McCrory’s office, Teleflex designs, develops and manufactures single-use medical devices used by hospitals and other medical providers.

Later in November, the governor’s office announced that BOSH Global Services would expand its Cumberland County operations and create 32 new jobs. It’ll be getting $64,000 from the One NC Fund, or $2,000 per job.

BOSH provides technologies for unmanned vehicles. According to its webpage, BOSH’s clients include the U.S. military and Homeland Security.

McCrory and Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker have also announced that Biochemtex will locate a new biofuels production operations in Sampson County, creating 65 new jobs. The company will get $300,000 from the One NC Fund, or $4,615 per job.