This time the paper of record parachutes into Rockingham County:

President Obama drew antipathy from rural white voters, and state Democrats were dogged by troubles: federal investigators were looking into the campaign finances of former Gov. Mike Easley, while the sitting governor, Bev Perdue, was dropping in the polls. The state’s economy had been rocked more than most by the recession, and places like Rockingham County, on the Virginia border, which traditionally swung in its partisan allegiances, had been growing steadily more desperate after the loss of thousands of jobs with the closing of textile and furniture mills and tobacco plants.

Although Roclingham is the focus, the article features an all-star lineup —Gov. McCrory, Art Pope, Sam Hummel (Uncle Sam arrested at a Moral Monday protest, Phil Berger, John Hood and Doug Clark.

Update: In case you’ve missed it, N.C.’s voter ID law has been in the news all week. Charles Krauthammer vs. Juan Williams here; All In Chris Hayes below; check the pronunciation of Civitas, dude.

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