John Kloeckner wrote a piece for the Mountain Xpress, and I agree with at least 80 percent of it. He is homeless, and he argues, as I do, that available service programs treat the homeless as little booboos, opportunities to grow capacity for services; rather than smart people willing to contribute, but not knowing how to make a quantum leap. It could be lack of money. They can’t hire lawyers and accountants to help them get a small business loan, navigate the permitting process, pay for certifying and licensing training, and jump all regulatory hurdles – thoughts that actually paralyze a lot of us. Some of these people have appearances too “diverse” for political correctness, criminal records, or social awkwardness that hold them back. For all I know, Kloeckner was cast out in the cold for making too much sense. Kloeckner argues Asheville’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness fosters codependency rather than helping those cast along the wayside with the links preventing them from sharing their talents.