Ron Dreher posted this on National Review‘s blog, The Corner, yesterday:

For me, the news that the Dutch are euthanizing babies brings back one of the most unsettling mornings of my life. It is 1990, and I am riding in the car through the tranquil, pastoral pastures of rural eastern Holland. My driver is a middle-aged Dutchman who speaks little English. He is sad, and trying to tell me why. We pass a brick farmhouse. He points to it and says, “Last night, suicide.” We drive a little further, and he points to another. “Three months, suicide. And there, another suicide.” Between my pidgin Dutch and his rudimentary English, I understood that he could not figure out why so many of his neighbors were murdering themselves. In his country, they had peace and general prosperity, hardly a material care in the world. And yet, they were dying from despair. One wonders if a culture that kills its newborns can survive. One wonders if it deserves to.