In January, Michigan-based DeVere Construction Co. Inc. walked off the job of rebuilding a stretch of Independence Boulevard (US 74) in east Charlotte. The road is among North Carolina’s busiest highways that isn’t an interstate. The Charlotte Observer provides an update on the situation:

DeVere and N.C. DOT reached an impasse over pay and other terms of their contract, the general contractor and the N.C. DOT said. DeVere, which has a Raleigh office, also stopped work the same week on three other state projects.

DeVere President Richard Crittenden explained that his company had “demobilized its forces from a number of NCDOT Projects pending resolution of sizeable claims and the release of substantial contract balances currently withheld by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.”

Crittenden declined to say how much DeVere contends it is owed. He said the matter would likely end up in court.

Work will resume when the insurance company that issued the performance bond on the project selects a replacement general contractor.