Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon highlights shady union activity on the left coast.

A union allegedly forged a single mother’s signature to deduct money that helps her care for her disabled daughter, according to a lawsuit.

Maria Quezambra of California filed a federal lawsuit seeking to recover dues that she says United Domestic Workers Local 3930 (UDW) improperly took from the money that helps her take care of her daughter. She accused the union of misleading her about dues requirements, rebuffing her attempts to recover money, and trespassing on her property.

“Ms. Quezambra did not sign anything indicating she desired to become a union member or pay union dues, and the State began to deduct Union dues from her paycheck automatically,” the suit says. “The Union forged Ms. Quezambra’s signature to justify past dues deductions and to lock her into paying full union dues each year.”

The Supreme Court struck down Illinois’s mandatory dues scheme for home health aides like Quezambra in 2014, ruling that they were not public employees. The Court followed that ruling by forbidding forced public sector unions in 2018. The union never informed Quezambra of her right to abstain from dues payments. Her suit alleges that the union misled her into believing dues were mandatory and delayed her attempts to withdraw.