It’s an attack on the family, pure and simple. That is why it makes me mad. Families have a historical track record for raising up socially-conscious future generations, and those of us inclined to embrace mythology consider them a structure of sacred proportions. But anybody saying that will be accused of hating children and going so far as to pull food out of their mouths to make them starve.

The PC crowd will say pets require responsibility, and then they whine that human children cannot be supported by their parents. Every week, I see about three articles in WNC papers whining about the local food-insecure, praising the schools for adding to their “feeding” crowd, and local food pantries and churches not being able to keep up with demand.

Again, I cannot condemn all those cute little teenagers who are so sexy they can’t stop themselves from getting pregnant. I never had that problem, but for what it’s worth, I would encourage them to try to wait until they could give the kids a two-parent rearing, with the man of the house being human instead of a bundle of tax- and debt-subsidized programs. I would also encourage those who have been married to maybe forego the big-screen TV’s, hair- and nail-dos, and even cell phones to take care of their children’s basic needs.

Otherwise, we have this sci-fi culture where kids are essentially confiscated, raised and programmed by the few who decide how to spend taxpayer dollars. Here‘s a current story that raises awareness about how “tirelessly” “many” organizations are working to feed Canton’s “food-insecure.”

For the past two years, one of those organizations has been the St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Canton, which sends backpacks filled with food home with students at Pisgah High School for the weekend.

According to a recent Map the Meal Gap Study, 34 percent or 3,580 children in Haywood County are “food insecure.” This means those children live in households facing difficulty meeting basic food needs. Over 70 percent of the children attending school in Haywood County are on free or reduced lunch.