The local daily published today a story to help us study the triple bottom line:

Buncombe County Commissioner Mike Fryar tattled on Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell in, judging from the number of D’s and R’s in the article, a wholly partisan feud. As Moral Monday ended, an unprecedented number of vehicles were idling in a parking garage, loading the atmosphere with carbon emissions for half an hour before Bothwell fixed the problem. As a member of city council, he had a free parking pass that he used to rescue people and the planet from the health threat. Fryar, a member of the other party, refused to see the good in this act of heroism. Instead, he claims Bothwell was stealing from the taxpayers. Bothwell only used his pass sixty-four times to help Moralists, who didn’t want to be in carbon-emitting vehicles in the first place, get out and on to more productive activities. Like a martyr, Bothwell said he will pay whatever the county wishes to charge him, even though this may have been the only time the outspoken critic of the automobile has ever used his pass.

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