carries a great piece by Frank Miniter about the deafening media silence about the stunning murder rate in Chicago and the city’s abysmal performance at enforcing existing gun laws and prosecuting the offenders. There were more than 500  murders in Chicago in 2012. David Burham is with TRAC, which gathers data and is out of Syracuse University.

Burnham explained that according to case-by-case U.S. Justice Department information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by TRAC, there were 52 prosecutions in Illinois North (Chicago) in 2012, or 5.52 per million in population. By this measure, compared with the 90 federal judicial districts in the U.S., the prosecution rate in Chicago was the lowest.

Shouldn’t journalists be asking why?

If this colossal failure reflected what was happening in a “red” state, the cable networks would swarm the area.