There is no limit to the hubris displayed by those who believe they’re better at raising kids than the actual parents are. In Wake County, the food police squad of the nanny-stater crowd is pushing  the public school system to ban fundraising groups from selling cookies, donuts and such — all the foods the nanny staters have deemed BAD and for which they’ve decided that parents should have  no control. According to this story, the latest we-know-better-than-you-do proposal is coming from the same advisory group that pushed the system to get rid of the abstinence-only curriculum.

The School Health Advisory Council will recommend Tuesday that the school board change district policy to ban the sale of unhealthy foods at school fundraisers, including those held outside regular school hours. The policy would govern sales at concession stands for athletic events.

The group says Wake should “disallow sale of candy bars, donuts, cookie dough, bake sales, etc.” by schools or “school affiliated groups.”

This paternalistic mindset plays well with the liberal Democrats who control the Wake school board.