Kyle Smith writes at National Review Online about the desire to take a new approach toward COVID.

The Democrats are too dumb to realize this, but if they want to rebuild their collapsing brand they should form a chorus and sing together as one the message Americans are longing to hear: It’s time to move on.

The Danes today ended nearly all coronavirus restrictions and announced frankly that “Denmark is open.” Denmark has moved on. England, which already had looser standards than the rest of the U.K., ended nearly all restrictions two weeks ago, with minor exceptions such as a requirement to wear masks while using public transportation in London. England has moved on. Within the United States, even Democrat-run Colorado has moved on. Many other states have eliminated virtually all restrictions.

Yet instead of moving on himself, President Biden continues to embrace restrictions as if they’re a ten-year-old girl with delicious-smelling hair. “We got a way to go on that,” he proclaimed on Monday, when asked when some semblance of normalcy might return. He went on to hint that he might be unable to stop America from backsliding toward the disaster of more school closures. But even as he promised to “try like the devil to keep schools open,” schools were already ignoring his supposedly demonic efforts: The schools in Flint, Mich., remained closed, guaranteeing yet more learning loss for its poverty-stricken, majority-minority student body, despite the district’s having received $114 million in federal funding on top of its usual funding, a we-just-won-the-lottery windfall that amounted to more than $27,000 per student.

Announcing a move-on strategy would boost Biden with everyone but the hardcore neurotics who, we now know, form the base of the Democratic Party. Since these folks would eat a bowl of thumbtack cereal before they’d ever vote Republican, they’re unlikely to desert Biden when told masks are optional.