North Carolina State Treasury Controller Linda Combs was fighting for 1.7 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money over the Thanksgiving holiday. A judge had ordered Combs and her staff to move money out of the Treasury as part of the long-running Leandro School Funding case. It was to pay for an educational plan put together by a San Francisco-based consultant.

The spending for this plan was supported by Governor Cooper, the State Board of Education, and of course the Plaintiffs in the 27 year old lawsuit. The order being given without Combs being part of the proceedings gave her no chance to object to the judge. The judge’s order presented a serious conflict with North Carolina’s Separation of Powers. The State Controller is not allowed to move money from the Treasury unless authorized by law that is passed by the General Assembly. Combs went to court and a Writ of Prohibition was ordered, wherein the transfer of taxpayer money was blocked, giving North Carolina taxpayers something to be truly thankful for.

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