On this week’s Policy Pizza, Jon Sanders introduces us to his latest work as well as what’s happening at the John Locke Foundation’s Center for Food, Power, and Life.


Jon discusses the importance of “right-to-work” statutes, laws that have long been a part of North Carolina’s history. He thinks “right-to-work” should be enshrined in our constitution to more effectively protect workers from being forced to join unions.

Locke’s 75th Anniversary of Right-to-Work

Food, Power, and Life

Sanders’ Center for Food, Power, and Life at the John Locke Foundation focuses on critical policy issues surrounding agriculture, electricity, and the environment.

  • Agriculture issues include getting rid of regulations that hinder farmers’ abilities to get food to market.
  • Energy should be cheap and efficient.
  • Environmental issues surrounding electric vehicle production are particularly important.

Nuclear Power

The issue of nuclear power reaches across both energy and environmental policy. Nuclear power is one of the safest energy sources for the environment, producing great amounts of energy with zero impact on carbon emissions.

Special Thanks: Bella Italia