, Rowan Free Press, and N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email all promoted Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on the city of Wilson’s attempt to get federal regulators to overturn state restrictions on municipal broadband service. The N.C. Spin website promoted Smith’s article on political analyst Charlie Cook‘s latest assessment of the political landscape in North Carolina. N.C. Spin also took note of Mitch Kokai’s “Locker Room” blog entry on a review of a new book titled Please Stop Helping Us.

Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel interviewed John Hood about targeted tax incentives. The Senate GOP highlighted Smith’s report on parents of school voucher recipients proceeding with private school options despite a court ruling blocking the vouchers. Republican senators promoted Hood’s columns on Internet election polls and the need for reliable education data, along with CJ Associate Editor Dan Way‘s report on a separation-of-powers squabble in North Carolina and the transcript of a Carolina Journal Radio interview with Jim Geraghty of National Review about key trends in the 2014 elections. The N.C. Spin and Carolina Plotthound websites promoted Way’s article on separation-of-powers concerns.