Deroy Murdock‘s latest column employs a chart and multiple bullet-pointed items detailing signs of economic decline during the Obama years. He concludes his laundry list of economic ills with the following summary:

Some of these trends predate Obama. The big-government Bush-Rove administration cravenly ballooned the state. In an unprincipled and quixotic effort to create Rove’s “durable Republican majority,” he and Bush deployed new entitlements, boondoggles, pork projects, and other “compassionate conservative” outlays. These fools’ errands beggared the nation while costing the GOP control of Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008. Nice work, George and Karl.

Obama correctly blames Bush-Rove for this fine mess. Alas, Obama exacerbates it. He is like a firefighter who finds a house ablaze and denounces the arsonists who ignited the inferno. But then Obama shovels coal onto the flames.

After four years of inhaling President Obama’s smoke, Americans finally may be ready to breathe normally again under Romney-Ryan.