1. In spite of all the talk of dissatisfaction with incumbents, all but two sitting members of the NC General Assembly won their primaries.
  2. NC has been a leader in turning our economy around, getting people back to work, reducing the burden of taxes and regulation, but yet we dropped the ball in the Republican Presidential primary.  NC Republicans had the opportunity to lead the nation in turning the tide back to conservative leadership and instead, followed other states in being Shumps (Trump sheep).  For a state that aspires to be first in freedom, we should of done better.
  3. Rockingham County voted to reduce the size of government.  With 54% to 46%, those folks reduced the size of their school board from 11 to 7.  Kudos.
  4. NC Connect Bond passed with 67% of the vote.  Will this embolden the Governor and others to propose another bond?  $1Billion for Transportation?
  5. And it all starts again. Today.  Filing opens for NC’s 13 Congressional seats and one NC Supreme Court seat.  No run-offs.  Let the games begin. Again.

Bonus point:  My colleagues and I were asked to offer commentary and analysis as the results came in last night.  Donna Martinez and Rick Henderson were on NC News Network, I was with WRAL and Mitch Kokai is filling in for Bill LuMaye over at WPTF, breaking things down.  At JLF our opinions matter, our analysis is sought after, and we’re proud to bring our best game to the table. It’s an honor to be part of this great team. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!