I’m a fan of fearless, hard-nosed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who takes no prisoners when it comes to getting the state’s fiscal house in order and making it plain that government must be scaled back.

I find no such policy kinship with North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue. But to my surprise, this News & Observer story makes me think I might enjoy a girls night out with Perdue.

During her subsequent speech, Perdue spoke of how much she enjoys those ride-alongs.

“You heard the announcer talk about the fact that I have ridden with patrolmen, and women, for years,” the governor said. “I’ve learned more doing that than I’ve learned anywhere.

Some of my friends in law enforcement know that my husband, Bob, gets really annoyed when I say, ‘I’m gonna go out and ride with the boys.’ But it’s been a learning experience for me.”

I’d like to see more of this sense of humor from the governor.