As I’ve blogged previously, North Carolina liberals are using the court system to prevent low-income North Carolina families from having the opportunity to send their kids to the school of their choice — an option wealthy families enjoy. At least for now, a judge has thwarted their shameful efforts to keep kids who aren’t being served by the traditional public classroom trapped in that terrible situation. Now we have another example of liberals choosing their vehement dislike of those who disagree with them politically OVER giving opportunity to low-income families. This situation involves solving a problem liberals have been — up until this point — very concerned about, and that is food deserts.

Over at sister blog The Locker Room, colleague Jon Sanders explains the sad story of liberal vitriol that now has them opposing a new store — simply because it is owned by Variety Wholesalers, which is owned by Art Pope.

There is going to be another community meeting at Martin Street Baptist to discuss the new, long-sought grocery store. To welcome it? No. Oh, no.

According to the pastor of Martin Street Baptist, Earl C. Johnson, the meeting is to urge people to boycott it. Why boycott something that finally provides “great value” that the people in the community “really, really need”?

Because it would be owned by Variety Wholesalers, which belongs to Art Pope, who has done more to improve the lot of poor people in the state than nearly everyone else, but who also gives to free-market causes and is a Republican.

The final part is the unforgivable sin, you see, to the shrill moralizers who preach a political Jesus. They would rather poor seniors travel farther, brave the bus, pay more, and carry grocery bags further — and rather other poor families in the community make sacrifices against their own family’s needs — than have them purchase from a demon of their own imagination.

So very, very sad. And a shameful display of choosing to spew political vitriol rather than welcome a solution to a neighborhood in need.