The N.C. Values Coalition issued the following news release on Thursday.


Raleigh, NC – The North Carolina Values Coalition released today their 2014 Pro-Family Scorecard. The Scorecard scores members of the North Carolina General Assembly according to their votes on pro-family legislation in the 2013 session.

“We often tell the members of our coalition that elections have consequences, and this Scorecard proves it,” said Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the NC Values Coalition. “Because of the overwhelming pro-family legislature that was elected in 2012, we were able to accomplish great reforms for North Carolina families in the 2013 session. Our goal with this Scorecard is to inform voters across North Carolina about the way their legislators voted on pro-family measures, so that voters can hold their legislators accountable.”
“With this scorecard, we also honor our ‘Champions for the Family’ and ‘Leaders for the Family.’  We are grateful that so many of our current legislators vote to promote North Carolina family values, and we look forward to working with them in the future,” Fitzgerald said.
Over a dozen votes in each House were scored for the 2014 Pro-Family scorecard, including the historic pro-life reforms in Health and Safety Law Changes (SB 353), historic tax reform in the Tax Simplification & Reduction Act (HB 998), historic school choice reform in the Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant (HB 269), and greatly needed sex trafficking reforms in the Safe Harbor for Victims of Human Trafficking bill (SB 683).
Members of the General Assembly with a 100% pro-family rating received the “Champion for the Family” designation.  Members of the General Assembly with a 90% or above pro-family rating received the “Leader for the Family” designation.
North Carolina State Senators receiving the Champion for the Family award include:
Senator Austin Allran
Senator Chad Barefoot
Senator Warren Daniel
Senator Rick Gunn
Senator Kathy Harrington
Senator Brent Jackson
Senator Buck Newton
Senator Louis Pate
Senator Shirley Randleman
Senator Norman Sanderson
Senator Jeff Tarte
Senator Trudy Wade
Senator Tommy Tucker
North Carolina State Representatives receiving the Champion for the Family award include:
Representative Marilyn Avila
Representative John R. Bell IV
Representative Hugh Blackwell
Representative Jamie Boles, Jr.
Representative William Brawley, Jr.
Representative Mark Brody
Representative Rayne Brown
Representative Rob Bryan
Representative Dana Bumgardner
Representative Rick Catlin
Representative Debra Conrad
Representative Nelson Dollar
Representative Carl Ford
Representative Jim Fulghum
Representative Mike Hager
Representative Jon Hardister
Representative Kelly Hastings
Representative Mark Hollow
Representative D. Craig Horn
Representative Bert Jones, Jr.
Representative Allen McNeill
Representative Tim Moore
Representative Michele Presnell
Representative Dennis Riddell
Representative Stephen Ross
Representative Jacqueline Schaffer
Representative Phil Shepard
Representative Michael Speciale
Representative Edgar Starnes
Representative Bob Steinburg, Sr.
Representative Mike Stone
Representative John Szoka
Representative John Torbett
Representative Rena Turner
Representative Harry Warren
Representative Andy Wells
Representative Roger Younts
The 2014 Pro-Family Scorecard is attached and can also be downloaded from the NC Values Coalition website here: Press release available online here.